The painter, musician and experimantator Daniel Vlček (1978) focuses especially on the artistic combination of sound with his personal visual expression. He visualises a record of sound, vibration, and its expansion in space in subjective pictures, where the emergent shapes are often reminiscent of technical drawings of sound waves. The themes of his works often have to do with researching ecosystems. In recent years he has been fascinated by the world of mushrooms and mycelia, and its significance for our planet. Daniel Vlček is a member of the Guma Guar art grouping and a co-founder of the Prague galleries Berlínskej Model and Ferdinand Bauman Gallery. In the role of curator, he has prepared two group exhibitions devoted to reflection of sound in contemporary visual art (16-20,000 Hz, Meetfactory, Prague, 2013, with M. Vojtěchovský; In the Beginning Was the Silence, Pilsen City Gallery, 2014). He is also engaged in original music production, appearing in the electroacoustic duo Ba:zel, and solo under the name Relaxcore. Daniel Vlček is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.
He studied under Martin Mainer and Vladimír Skrepl, completed New Media under Veronika Bromová, and also spent a semester at the Accademia di Brera in Milan under Diego Espozito.

"I focus my work on connection between sound and its visual manifestation.
Next to visual art, music is my second favorite expression. Lately, they are beginning to overlap or blend. Originally my inspiration came from music subculture such as techno, noise, breakcore, etc.
As time went on, these influences were becoming less obvious as graphic expression of musical elements surfaced.
On canvas, using an old record in place of a brush, I am making simple geometric patterns with circular motives. As I move this template along in the same rhythm I create structures which remind one of technical drawings of a sound wave".